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Merchant Account Rates & Fees

Type/price Rate Transaction Fee Monthly Fee Gateway Fees

Retail (Card Swipe)

1.09% $0.19 $9.95 N/A

Mail / Phone order

1.99% $0.19 $9.95 N/A


1.99% $0.19 $9.95 $9.95 Plus $0.10 / Trans.

High Risk Merchant

Starting at 2.49% $0.25 $10.00 Starting at 2.49%

Low merchant rates can prevent pesky credit card transaction fees from adding up and help a company grow its profits. As a merchant, it’s imperative that you be aware of any hidden fees. It’s best to partner with credit card merchant account providers who are up front about costs associated with the set-up process and future billing. Many processing companies take advantage of business owners since they knew how important credit cards are for regular business transactions. With the use of eCreditCardProcessing.com, you will be treated fairly, billed at a low rate, and provided with excellent service.

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