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Mail, phone, and internet order merchant services offer a quick and convenient way to complete credit card transactions by making it possible to accept payment when the customer is not physically present.

With these forms of order merchant services, businesses can use the “card not present” method of transaction. Payments are processed either by entering a customer’s credit card information into a terminal, using payment solutions software, or through a payment service provider’s web site.

Mail and phone order merchant services can be handled without the physical credit card present which is both an advantage and a risk. There are fraud detection processes that can minimize risk and increase security on transactions. Methods such as address verification and four digit security code requirements can enhance security and protect both the merchant and the consumer.

The benefits outweigh the drawbacks when it comes to mail/phone/internet order credit card payment solutions.  These services make it easy and convenient for customers to purchase your products and can lead to increased company profit!

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