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Premier Merchant Account Provider

Retail / Mobile Merchant

  • ZERO application fee and ZERO set-up fee
  • Approval within 48-hours of application submission
  • Free credit card machine
  • Credit card swipe system for mobile devices
  • 1.09% plus $0.19 per transaction
  • Finger signature option

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Mail / Phone/ Internet

  • No application fee and no set-up fee
  • Digital download system
  • Convenient “card-not-present” services
  • PCI compliant online payment solutions
  • Authorize.net gateway
  • 1.99% plus $0.19 per transaction

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High Risk / Bad Credit

  • 99% approval rates
  • No set-up fees
  • Adult entertainment, telemarketing, travel, multi-level marketing and more
  • Free technical support
  • Start up funding available
  • $5K-200K loans for business
  • Low credit score and unapproved for credit

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Why Choose eCreditCardProcessing.com?

Credit Card Processing for Businesses

Happy Customers!

“We used ecreditcardprocessing.com to set up the credit card system in our fast casual restaurant. Although my partner and I are young and had difficulty acquiring a line of credit for our business, ecreditcardprocessing.com made the process simple. We know that accepting credit card payments from customers has helped our business grow over the past nine months and we hope to see continued success.”

“ecreditcardprocessing.com was very easy to work with. Thanks for all your help!”


The Best Credit Card Account Provider

2011 e-commerce transactions were more than 194 billion dollars, according to the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce. Whether you’re an exclusive online provider or plan to bring your business into the online space down the road, you will need an online credit card processing solution built for your business.

eCreditCardProcessing.com can offer reliable service to those looking to offer credit card payment options to customers. It’s very simple. Consumers have become accustomed to making purchases with credit cards. In order for businesses to stay competitive in the market, they need to offer credit card services like those made easy by eCreditCardProcessing.com.

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