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A Year in Review: Top 10 Articles for Small Business Owners

by admin on Jan, 02 2013

2012 was a year of ups and downs for many, but 2013 could prove to be even more uncertain. With the fiscal cliff deal shakily coming together and health care laws solidifying, small businesses will experience some significant changes in the coming months. As an entrepreneur or business owner, what can you do to keep your company in good form?

Read on for the top ten articles for growing your business in 2013. Embrace the opinions of those who have seen success and implement their effective strategies where it makes sense in your professional life.

1. Business Insider – The Best Business Advice I Ever Received

2. CNN.com – 7 Deadly Sins of Business Growth

3. The Washington Post – How the Fiscal Cliff Deal Affects Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

4. Mashable – Enloop will Write Your Business Plan for You

5. Forbes – How to Come Up with a Good Idea for a Great Business

6. Entrepreneur – Five Bad Habits that are Harming Your Business

7. Strategy and Business – The Steve Jobs Way

8. Entrepreneur – Richard Branson’s Tips for Growing Your Small Business

9. Inc.com – 4 Powerful Words Employees Need to Hear

10. Business News Daily – The Best Business Advice of 2012

These articles are meant to help new business owners grow their business and prevent them from making some of the more common beginners’ mistakes. Industry leaders like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have imparted wisdom for the ages. Entrepreneurs would be wise to take this collection of tips to heart and go forth in the business world with much of this advice in mind.

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